What’s it like to work at Brilliant?

We’re proud of our mission and the business we’ve built around it. We work really hard, and most days we love our jobs. Every person has a huge impact on Brilliant and its direction. We care deeply about our impact on end humans, and the change we’re bringing about in the world.


What's the mission and vision?

Our mission is to inspire and develop people to achieve their goals in STEM – one person, one question, and one small commitment to learning at a time.

Our vision is to create the premier STEM learning experience at massive scale, while conducting business with integrity as we grow.

To learn more about our approach to learning, see our Principles of Learning.


What's the office like?

一点不卡视频观看一区_一点都不卡的中文视频_中文字幕一本到无线_2017中文字字幕一本 Our SF office has a lot of office dogs. We eat lunch together every day, have happy hour once a week, and team events every ~2 months. It’s all truly optional. Our main workspace is so quiet that it’s like a library, if libraries had dogs and (relatedly) HEPA filters.


What are the core values?

一点不卡视频观看一区_一点都不卡的中文视频_中文字幕一本到无线_2017中文字字幕一本 OK, maybe you didn’t have that question. But hey, let’s answer it.

Our core values are:

  1. Embrace the shared adventure
  2. Inspire others with your daily pursuit of high standards
  3. Make time for generosity
  4. Be candid with each other


What's the culture like?

As a team, we embrace diversity – of educational backgrounds, economic backgrounds, race, gender, sexual orientation, and many other categories too numerous to name. We are curious people, and lunch conversations often dive deep into some area of “why”, especially in STEM. We relish a great puzzle and think problem solving is a fun pastime.

一点不卡视频观看一区_一点都不卡的中文视频_中文字幕一本到无线_2017中文字字幕一本 As a collective, we typically share multiple of the following in common:

  • Has a strong sense of mission
  • Desires autonomy and ownership over a domain
  • Comfortable figuring things out without formalism or structure
  • Brings a strong generalist skill set within a domain or across domains
  • Has independently contracted, worked on a small business, or started a business
  • Has extremely wonky hobbies
  • Worked at or for a school, or as a program mentor, to elevate educational outcomes
  • Delights in unique, weird creative portfolios or project portfolios
  • Considered the black sheep or misfit in the family who dances to their own song


What kinds of people work at Brilliant today?

一点不卡视频观看一区_一点都不卡的中文视频_中文字幕一本到无线_2017中文字字幕一本 People who have:

  • Competed at the International Math Olympiad
  • Mentored the international FIRST Robotics Competition
  • Run a 40-person engineering team at an international gaming company
  • Consulted as a scientist for the TV shows CSI and Bones
  • Taught the most prestigious US math circles
  • Created art installations in Bay Area parks and forests with archery
  • Motorcycled across the country
  • Worked through college delivering packages for UPS
  • Published cutting-edge molecular biology research at SRI
  • Run the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament
  • Worked as a professional electrician
  • Started a high school
  • Completed not one, but yes TWO Ph.D.’s
  • Dropped out of college
  • Homeschooled 4 kids


Do you have any open jobs?

If our culture sounds fun to you, we’d love to hear from you. If you see a way you can contribute, don’t hesitate to email jobs@guvvu.com to apply. We often hire for roles that aren’t formally listed, or meet people early for roles that may be open in the future. In general, we’re always hiring for engineers, illustrators, videographers, designers, and content writers, although at times we may take down the job description to tinker with it or update it.

Here are some of our current openings:


Media Design



What benefits do you offer?

  • Competitive compensation
  • Medical, dental, and vision benefits
  • Equipment budget for computer and peripherals
  • Free lunch
  • Weekly happy hour
  • Flexible vacation time
  • Fully-stocked pantry and refrigerator with snacks and drinks
  • Sponsorship for conferences and professional development
  • A stimulating work environment and a chance to change the world

Email jobs@guvvu.com if you would like to find out more.


Can I see some pictures from the past year?

一点不卡视频观看一区_一点都不卡的中文视频_中文字幕一本到无线_2017中文字字幕一本We have just the collage for you:



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